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Do you need your product, service, event or business promoted? 

Tony has done a number of TV ads, Voice overs and Hosting segments throughout his career. His TV/Video ads have ranged from car sales to promoting live music to selling pillows on the Kerri Anne Morning show. 


When it comes to interviewing people, Tony is the master, he has a real knack for it, gift of the gab, some say. As a show host of the recent 'Vineyard Sessions' and 'On The Beat', Tony interviewed a wide selection of musicians that ranged from local upcoming acts to well known Australian artists such as 'Mr Daddy Cool' himself, Ross Wilson!  His latest venture 'The Tony Bolton Show' will see Tony in front of the camera once again promoting none other than himself....anything could and probably will happen!

Venue / Artist Promotion
Event / Show Promotion
Product  Promotion
Fundraising Promotion
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