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Would you like to appear on The Tony Bolton Show to enhance your web presence? Do you need a professional Video Ad made to promote your product / service?

The Tony Bolton show is set in St Kilda, Australia. The show consists of laid back, fun and informative interviews featuring a variety of extraordinary people from all walks of life. From Artists and Musicians to interesting personalities that are making a difference in the world we live in, Tony will bring a fresh entertainment experience each week. 

Interview with Father Bob McGuire

Tony talks exclusively with one of Australia's most loved and admired priests. Being the founder of the much needed 'Father Bob Foundation', he has many stories to tell including ones about early childhood, politics, the plight of the homeless and of course religion. A very light-hearted conversation, sometimes, in depth but also very informative.

Interview with John Locco
Interview with Frank Howson

A candid sit down and chat with Frank Howson, a legend in theatre and film. Discussing Directing, Producing and Writing plus the Oz Film Festival.

Interview with Sam Solimon

World Exclusive! Sam Solimon former IBF Middle weight champion of the World creates history by breaking the all time World record for the most of professional rounds fought by a boxer.

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